mp3: Beach Fossils – Careless

When Beach Fossils released their fantastic self-titled debut in 2010, they were grouped with a lot of other bands with similar lo-fi aesthetics such as Real Estate and Ducktails.  Since then Real Estate has released a follow up to their 2010 debut which tore away the lo-fi fuzz of their previous releases and a lot of people loved it, and it looks like Ducktails is starting to do the same, but Beach Fossils have taken their time putting together a second album.  It’s clear that Beach Fossils had to take their sound somewhere beyond the fuzz of their debut, and they chose the perfect person, Ben Greenberg of The Men (who put out one of my favorite albums of the year), to put behind the production boards to help them do so.  For the first taste of Beach Fossil’s upcoming album, their sound is much more full, stripping away fuzz, but without being afraid to add a little distortion in the right places (as it felt like Real Estate was on Days) and keeping their mellow vocal harmonies.  Breaking out of an aesthetic that people have grown to love you for will always be a daunting task, but it seems like Beach Fossils are attacking it extremely well and I can’t wait to hear the album.


tccarr14mp3: Beach Fossils – Careless