mp3: Uptown Slim – Black (prod. Eu-IV)

I’ve been introduced to a few talented rappers now through the production of Eu-IV and none have been as talented or exciting as Uptown Slim.  Socially conscious rap is rarely my thing, however, Uptown Slim (who probably wouldn’t call himself a socially conscious rapper anyway) pulls off a big message without coming across as righteous with his track “Black”.  Over a minimal and creeping beat from Eu-IV, Uptown Slim lays out a vivid ethos detailing racism and revolution.  “Black” sounds less like a call to arms like Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” and more like a look inside the twisted and troubled life of Uptown Slim.  Coming from a rapper I’ve never heard before, “Black” (much like “Pruse” from uhlife) has me incredibly exciting to keep listening as he continues to release more music.


pkelly94mp3: Uptown Slim – Black (prod. Eu-IV)