EP: M|O|D – PENG 002

Boston’s finest are back with the second installment in their PENG trill-ogy (hahahhah get it? im the man) and its more bangier than ever.  PENG 001 saw the five producers basically abandoning the cliché’s of their former trap aesthetic for more house and garage-influenced styles, and PENG 002 finds them polishing those sounds even more.  The EP opens with a track from C.Z. that represents the most clean and refined point his production style has reached yet, Arnold continues his experimentation with bass drum-driven music merging his quirky style with a cleaner house aesthetic, Yung Satan continues to build on the experimental and melodic sound he’s been building up, Lil TExAS finds the perfect medium between trap and house with probably the biggest banger on the EP, and Rewrote closes out with another indescribable and wonderfully experimental 8-bit track.  I can already see the improvement between PENG 001 and this, and its been less than a month so I’m excited to see where these guys take their sound in 2013.  Stream Lil TExAS and C.Z.’s tracks below and the whole thing after the jump.


tccarr14EP: M|O|D – PENG 002