EP: Kjartan Bue – Man Riding Backwards

Ever since I first heard his captivating “Old Woman”, I’ve been hooked by the sweet, folky embrace of Scandinavian Kjartan Bue.  If you’re a familiar with this blog you’ll probably already know that great, new folk music is a bit of a novelty but the appeal of Kjartan’s music goes beyond our hipster intentions to be the best blog on the block.  Man Riding Backwards is Kjartan’s debut, delivering five acoustic gems that could not be more perfect for the end of fall.  Although most of these tracks have been out for a little while now, the two new tracks demonstrate the depth and breadth of Kjartan’s songwriting talents.  “Long Walks” has Kjartan displaying a bluesy confidence while highlight “If I Don’t Need You” explodes into multi-tracked vocal harmonies with a sound so huge it’s hard to believe it is coming from one man and a guitar.  Stream “If I Don’t Need You” below and the rest of the EP after the jump.


pkelly94EP: Kjartan Bue – Man Riding Backwards