mp3: Pharrell Williams – Frontin (Jaw Jam Bootleg)

Over the past few months, Jaw Jam has gone from being another indefinable yet undeniably talented producer to one of our favorite artists in the still young underground house revival that will undoubtedly eventually be hipper than future-trap which is currently on route to replacing brostep.  All hipster musings aside, Jaw Jam has been consistently delivering UK garage-inspired house tunes that push beyond a four on the floor drums  with some looped synths lines.  This bootleg of Pharrell William’s “Frontin” shows off Jaw Jam at his most energetic and dynamic, slinging a collage of manipulated vocal clips over a constantly evolving drum track.  With the vibe that dance fueled sweat is infused right into this track, it’s easy to imagine how great this track would sound under some club lights.


pkelly94mp3: Pharrell Williams – Frontin (Jaw Jam Bootleg)