mp3: REKchampa – Fried Chicken Skin

Promising “nothing but straight grooves”, REKchampa delivers with an incredibly distinctive and forward-thinking house track.  “Fried Chicken Skin” is electronic music stripped down to its bare essentials.  The focus is on the shuffling percussion track and at times there isn’t much more than the groove in the mix.  Alone, nothing in “Fried Chicken Skin” is all that special, however, REKchampa ties it all together perfectly with some spoken word dedicated to the soul of the underground.  When all the elements come together “Fried Chicken Skin” sounds both ready for a dance floor and your friends couch, eating chicken and talking about such hipster friendly topics as top 40 music being bad and all things underground being great.


pkelly94mp3: REKchampa – Fried Chicken Skin