mp3: Literature – Tie Dye (Your Life)

Back in January, Austin-based Literature dropped the jangle-filled Arab Spring LP and have kept us patiently waiting for new material.  Almost a full year later, the group has dropped the Tie Dye 7″ to remind us why I was buzzing so much about them in the first place.  Title-track “Tie Dye (Your Life)” is just as colorful as the name suggests with a Kinks inspired sound and plenty of charm.  Literature manages to pack a lot of variety into the track’s 2 minutes, demonstrating that the band has progressed its songwriting in the many months since Arab Spring.  The entire 7″ with b-side “Apples” is streaming on their bandcamp and hopefully the release is an indication that the group has plans to drop another summer worthy album in the heart of 2013’s winter.


pkelly94mp3: Literature – Tie Dye (Your Life)