The Up-Turn Presents: Mr. Herbert Quain – There’s no way not to go back Mix

On his soundcloud page, Portugese producer Mr. Herbert Quain is described as born from “…a state where we will remember the future and we will ignore, or hardly have a presentiment of, the past.”  To be completely honest, I have no idea what that means.  However, listening to Quain’s There’s no way not to go back Mix, that description seems to somehow make sense.  Pulling on material from as early as 1959 to some that aren’t even released yet, Mr. Herbert Quain has created a mix of songs and genres that manage to sound both nostalgic and forward looking, most of the time simultaneously (an impressive feat that also pervaded his recent EP).  Mr. Herbert Quain is still a young producer discovering his sound and this mix serves as a road map for all his influences.  Stream the entire mix below and check out a mini-interview and tracklist after the jump.

Mr. Herbert Quain – There’s no way not to go back:

00. Intro

01. Massive Attack – Exchange (Circa Records, 1998)

02. The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes for You (End records, 1959)

03. Shlohmo – Blankets (Error Broadcast, 2009)

04. Jean Grae – U&ME&EveryoneWeKnow (forthcoming on Blacksmith Records)

05. Clonki – Subway (RTH Records, 2012)

06. Outlines – I’m in love (Sonar Kollektiv, 2007)

07. Nightmares on Wax – You Wish (Warp Records, 2006)

08. Tosca – Chocolate Elvis (G-Stoned Records, 1997)

09. 40 Winks – Winkz Waltz (Project: Mooncircle, 2011)

10. Falty DL – Do You Box (unreleased)

11. Massive Attack – Blue Lines (Wild Bunch Records, 1991)

12. Mr. Herbert Quain – Unfinished Love (unreleased)

13. Nicolas Jaar – Love You Gotta Lose Again (Double Standard Records, 2010)

14. Souleance – Passarinho (First World Records, 2010)

15. Floating Points – For You (Eglo Records, 2009)

16. Young Montana? – Sacre Cool (Alpha Pup Records, 2011)

17. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message (1982)

18. Falty DL – Moonshine (Swamp 81, 2011)

How did you get involved making music? What are some of your influences?

I had classical lessons since my childhood but I stopped when I was 17. Just then I began to encounter some music production software. Initially, what I started to do was very simple: I picked a song, took a sample that touched me and which I wanted to have no end. So, initially I just made loops with samples that I loved. This process ended up taking me to work on that sample add other samples and produce other elements. What initially was just one loop in repetition gained the the life of an original song. It was there that Mr. Herbert Quain was born. My influences are many: styles and approaches of jazz or hip hop and artists such as Portishead, Massive Attack, Coldcut, DJ Shadow, Wax Tailor or more recently Nicolas Jaar.

What was your idea/vision behind the mix?

The idea for this mix was to put together some of the influences from the genesis of Mr. Herbert Quain. Some of them may already be somehow dated and may not correspond exactly to what I listen to at the moment or search for in Quain’s music in the future. But it’s always good for me to return to those songs and mix them with more recent things in the same kind. Something like a back to the roots with an actualization.  There are mixed songs, others where I tried to make a certain kind of mash-ups and also songs almost not mixed. Some songs don’t need anything else, before or after.

What should we expect out of Mr. Herbert Quain in the future?

At the moment I’m planning the transformation of my first album in a live format to start doing some performances. In the future, I believe Mr. Herbert Quain will continue with his creations. But I also think he needs some time to see what is inside the album from a distance and how the music is being received. Only after that we can expect anything more.

If you had a unicorn what would you name it?


-The Up-Turn

pkelly94The Up-Turn Presents: Mr. Herbert Quain – There’s no way not to go back Mix