mp3: Sidewalk Kal – Revisions (Prod. AceMo)

Today we have a new track from Chicago rapper Sidewalk Kal and New York/Connecticut producer AceMo.  The last time we heard from them was their track “COMFORT/CONTROL” which was a pretty experimental track.  This time both producer and rapper move a little closer to the tried and true formulas of 90’s rap while staying experimental enough to keep things interesting.  For the beat AceMo shows his versatility (the last we heard from him was a droner in Eat Your Beaties Vol. 10) by contorting a jazzy piano sample with chops and filters into a monstrous boom-bap beat while Kal lays down one of his best classic flows touching on some of the nostalgic themes of his hip-hop forefathers.  There’s a right way and a very wrong way to do boom bap, and this is the best way I’ve heard in a while.


tccarr14mp3: Sidewalk Kal – Revisions (Prod. AceMo)