M|O|D – PENG001 (EP)

With some of M|O|D’s earlier work, they were easily put into the increasingly claustrophobic box of trap music.  Trap music’s future is looking increasingly uncertain, so M|O|D are wisely moving away from the genre that many thought was all they knew how to do.  For PENG001 M|O|D kept it simple and down to only 1 track from each of them, which seems to be a really good format for highlighting each artists individual talents.  REWROTE’s track shows his sound to be just as indefinable as ever, LiL TExAS still maintains his southern flair along with some experimental sample choices that work really well, Arnold and C.Z. both are beginning to show the heavier influences of Boston’s burgeoning house and U.K. Garage scene on their music without ever resorting to straight four-on-the-floor bass drums, and Yung Satan continues his exciting experimentation with heavy reverb and synth work.  After appearing on the boiler room a couple of weeks ago M|O|D are sure to be getting an influx of attention recently, and this short EP is definitely a good move.  Stream my favorite track from the EP below and stream the whole thing after the jump.


tccarr14M|O|D – PENG001 (EP)