mp3: Mister Lies – Align

A few weeks ago we went to Brooklyn for Mister Lies’ Dionysian 7″ release party and following some amazing performances from Beat Culture and Evenings, Mister Lies debuted a slew of new material that showcased a change in direction for the producer.  While gorgeously atmospheric music still came through with his performances of tracks like “Wavenly” and “Cleam”, Mister Lies’ set had a clear and unexpected emphasis on house.  “Align” is the first single to drop from his upcoming album Mowgli and it showcases the dance-minded shift in Mister Lies’ production and songwriting.  Despite the four on the floor drum beat, “Align” is less of a typical house track and more like a twisted vision of minimal and tribal dance music.  I could definitely see this new sound from Mister Lies blasting out of the same hip/exclusive warehouse that Avalon Emerson would perform at.


pkelly94mp3: Mister Lies – Align