mp3: Menace Beach – What Can Happen

Menace Beach are a UK surf-punk group that pull more from sounds originating from our very own Gold Coast than from what we’d expect coming across the pond that first earned our praise for their “Dream Out” single from earlier this fall.  Continuing in “Dream Out”‘s nearly perfected model, “What Can Happen” has the band turning their scuzzy layers to 11 and maxing out their instrumentation for a uniquely psychedelic trip through surf-punk.  With “What Can Happen”, Menace Beach are again successful in changing up the typical verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure that most of this music falls into by emphasizing instrumental leads and solos and strong songwriting throughout.  Yes their music may remind some people of everyone’s favorite/least favorite scuzzy group Wavves, but they’re already demonstrating King of the Beach levels of maturity in their songwriting which can only point towards a bright future for Menace Beach.


pkelly94mp3: Menace Beach – What Can Happen