mp3: Maths Time Joy – Let Go

After artists like James Blake and Mount Kimbie, its easy to assume that the barriers of entry to their sect of beautifully produced electronic synth music are too high for any lesser known artists to make a name for themselves within it, but Maths Time Joy proves that wrong.  Maths Times Joy uses many of the same techniques as Blake and Mount Kimbie, including pulsating synths, chopped and pitched vocal samples, and 808 drum kits, but something about his sound still manages to stand out.  “Let Go” sounds huge throughout despite having fairly sparse instrumentation at some points and every single sound that makes it up sounds incredibly clean as Maths Time Joy’s unique style of song writing progresses constantly, without ever feeling the need to revisit an earlier idea.  There are a ridiculous amount of producers across the internet trying to make this same sound right now, but I don’t think anyone is doing it as well as Maths Time Joy.  Look out for his Hideaway EP set to drop on Monday via LFTF Records.


tccarr14mp3: Maths Time Joy – Let Go