mp3: Antwon – Lap of Luxury (Prod. Shawn Kemp)

Although most people are confused by this, when producing Lil Ugly Mane goes by the name Shawn Kemp, which makes perfect sense to me (why wouldn’t you want to share a name with the greatest basketball player to ever walk this planet?)  One of the few rappers Shawn Kemp has worked with is San Jose emcee Antwon, and for good reason.  Antwon has an on point, old school flow, and a voice that sounds like it was destined for rapping.  On “Lap of Luxury” Shawn Kemp’s production sounds a little bit more like the trends of the past year than in his Lil’ Ugly Mane work (the chorus sounds a lot like something Clams Casino might have put together), but its still definitely unique, like the rest of his discography.  Antwon hasn’t been in too many high profile positions other than his feature on Mishka’s awesomely ambitious “Hyperbolic Chamber Music” from earlier this year, but after recently receiving a nod from Earl Sweatshirt himself, I’m sure people are going to start taking notice.


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tccarr14mp3: Antwon – Lap of Luxury (Prod. Shawn Kemp)