EP: Hanz – A Made Bear At Peace

Hanz is a beat maker without boundaries.  Since we first became aware of him over a year ago, his style has improved and matured tremendously.  Although his first few tracks were interesting and well put-together, I never would have known his sound would develop to the monstrous force that it is now.  A lot of songs from beat makers these days go in one ear and out the other, but when I hear a Hanz beat, I know exactly who produced it right away.  Since J Dilla, the crate digging sample-based producer has become the norm in some circles, but no one has taken it in the direction Hanz has.  Instead of “chilled-out” weed-rap beats, Hanz contorts his samples into devious-sounding collages that are a perfect example of calculated chaos.  With his new A Made Bear At Peace EP, Hanz builds upon his style further, pushing it to be larger and more booming than ever, while weaving back some interesting concepts from his previous EP’s; which is something I’ve never seen an instrumental project do.  Stream two of my favorite tracks below then stream the whole thing after the jump.


tccarr14EP: Hanz – A Made Bear At Peace