mp3: Jon Flo – The Lord of the Flies (prod. Hanz)

While electronic producers making a dubsidized version of trap (bro-trap?) is starting to take over the mainstream we can thank artist like Jon Flo and Hanz for reminding us what southern rap and trap is all about.  Like fellow Georgia rapper Chris Villa, we’ve been following the career of Jon Flo for a while now as he’s improved his take on Three 6 Mafia inspired southern rap with an emphasis on hypnotic rhythms and rhymes.  While Jon Flo hasn’t made huge leaps of improvement like Chris Villa has been doing lately, “The Lord of Flies” is one of his most realized songs to date.  With the help of a creeping and minimal beat from Hanz, Jon Flo dominates the track with plenty of flow switches and chant worthy hooks.  Also be on the lookout for Hanz’s upcoming tape A Made Bear at Peace which is set to drop tomorrow.


pkelly94mp3: Jon Flo – The Lord of the Flies (prod. Hanz)