Mixtape: Gorgeous Children – Gorgeous Children

With artists like Lil’ Ugly Mane and Raider Klan re-popularizing the dark and twisted styles of Gravediggaz and especially early Mystic Stylez-era Three 6 Mafia, there was sure to be an influx of artists in that vein, but just because an artist falls into the category of a rising trend doesn’t mean that they can’t still be really good.  When I first saw the album art for Gorgeous Children I was expecting some sub-par Raider Klan knockoff, but I gave it a listen and I was completely on the duo’s side by halfway through the first song.  Gorgeous Children have a really clean production style, that puts a modern spin on the old dark sounds of Three 6 Mafia, and flow over their beats with personality and confidence.  I can’t suggest this mixtape highly enough for anyone who enjoyed that most recent Lil Ugly Mane song.  Stream my favorite song from the tape below and stream the whole thing after the jump.


tccarr14Mixtape: Gorgeous Children – Gorgeous Children