mp3: Only Real – Backseat Kissers

Only Real has been keeping a pretty nice pace over the course of this year.  Back in April he released “Cadillac Girl” which immediately showed that he was someone to look out for, then in June he showed that he could consistently make great tracks with “Cinnamon Toast”, and now, on the first day of November, we have a third track from him.  “Backseat Kissers” is great for pretty much all of the same reasons “Cadillac Girl” and “Cinnamon Toast” are.  Only Real still executes the sing-talk style really well, incorporating just enough melody to show that he isn’t using the style as a crutch, and has come up with another twangy guitar riff that is good enough to be repeated throughout the song and still make you want to hear more of it.  I know that winter is well on its way, but this song has me feeling like July.  Only Real will be releasing this song (hopefully with at least one other) on ASL on December 10th.


tccarr14mp3: Only Real – Backseat Kissers