mp3: Earl Sweatshirt – Chum

Although Earl Sweatshirt was finally freed earlier this year he has remained relatively quiet for the past few months. Outside of a few features with other OF members, Earl’s grand return hasn’t prompted the avalanche of releases from the young rapper that people were probably hoping for and if you’re expecting Earl to drop an atom bomb on the rap game you’ll probably be turned away by the relative straight-forwardness of ‘Chum’.  In fact, if you’re expecting Earl to drop a definitive life-affirming track that will change the course of your life, you’ll probably never be satisfied.  Earl doesn’t share the same tendencies for the ornate and epic as people like Kanye, Kendrick or even Tyler, instead Earl fits right at home over the simple piano and drums beat on ‘Chum’.  Earl isn’t trying to be the voice of our generation but if he keeps turning out lyrically dense and rich tracks like ‘Chum’ that is what he might end up becoming.


pkelly94mp3: Earl Sweatshirt – Chum
  • Rickay Rossay

    This is the most pretentious crap i have ever read. If you ever refer to someone like EARL as anything ear the voice of a generation, whilst you two from greenwich who are wealthy and well educated have no idea, im going to chop your fucking balls off

    • tccarr14

      Please chop my balls off, Rickay Rossay. Who the fuck are you

    • pkelly94


      Whose balls are you chopping off? I must admit I am a bit slow at reading when my servants are not around and I still haven’t gotten used to the brightness on the iPhone 5.