mp3: Pharrell Williams – Frontin (Jaw Jam Bootleg)

Over the past few months, Jaw Jam has gone from being another indefinable yet undeniably talented producer to one of our favorite artists in the still young underground house revival that will undoubtedly eventually be hipper than future-trap which is currently on route to replacing brostep.  All hipster musings aside, Jaw Jam has been consistently delivering UK garage-inspired house tunes that push beyond a four on the floor drums  with some looped synths lines.  This bootleg of Pharrell William’s “Frontin” shows off Jaw Jam at his most energetic and dynamic, slinging a collage of manipulated vocal clips over a constantly evolving drum track.  With the vibe that dance fueled sweat is infused right into this track, it’s easy to imagine how great this track would sound under some club lights.


mp3: 2.7.5 MuffLucid – Phonky Trunk (ft. 2.7.5 Steez Da Gawd) (prod. Myth Syzer)

Raider Klan has their eyes set on taking over the rap game in 2013 and their strategy seems to be based around promoting a huge amount of artists with a wide and deep well of talent to pull from.  The Klan is taking things international with 2.7.5 MuffLucid’s newest track “Phonky Trunk” featuring the production talent of Parisian Myth Syzer.  MuffLucid is coming out of Brooklyn and while his style is still undoubtedly indebted to the southern hip-hop stylings of Three 6 Mafia like the rest of his crew, he delivers an animated and energetic flow that sets him apart from some members of his posse.  Proving to be as indefinable and talented as ever, Myth Syzer provides a hazy, narcotic-fueled that is as hypnotizing as it is disorienting.  If Raider Klan manages to keep supplying a frequent stream of high quality material like this there is no reason why 2013 won’t be their year.


mp3: uhlife – pruse (Prod. RAJA)

When I saw this track I pressed play for the first time because of the production credit from Brooklyn producer RAJA, who’s always unpredictable style has been amazing me lately, but I’ve been pressing play over and over again since then in a large part due to uhlife’s verses.  RAJA’s beat is one of the most perfectly gritty beats I’ve heard all year, so a rapper could get overshadowed by it very easily, but uhlife matches its grittiness with expertise.  uhlife’s flow is laid back with the confidence of a rapper who know’s he’s better than 99.9% of the rappers you’ve listened to today.  There’s very little in this world that makes me happier than hearing something this great from an artist I’ve never heard of before.


mp3: REKchampa – Fried Chicken Skin

Promising “nothing but straight grooves”, REKchampa delivers with an incredibly distinctive and forward-thinking house track.  ”Fried Chicken Skin” is electronic music stripped down to its bare essentials.  The focus is on the shuffling percussion track and at times there isn’t much more than the groove in the mix.  Alone, nothing in “Fried Chicken Skin” is all that special, however, REKchampa ties it all together perfectly with some spoken word dedicated to the soul of the underground.  When all the elements come together “Fried Chicken Skin” sounds both ready for a dance floor and your friends couch, eating chicken and talking about such hipster friendly topics as top 40 music being bad and all things underground being great.


mp3: Literature – Tie Dye (Your Life)

Back in January, Austin-based Literature dropped the jangle-filled Arab Spring LP and have kept us patiently waiting for new material.  Almost a full year later, the group has dropped the Tie Dye 7″ to remind us why I was buzzing so much about them in the first place.  Title-track “Tie Dye (Your Life)” is just as colorful as the name suggests with a Kinks inspired sound and plenty of charm.  Literature manages to pack a lot of variety into the track’s 2 minutes, demonstrating that the band has progressed its songwriting in the many months since Arab Spring.  The entire 7″ with b-side “Apples” is streaming on their bandcamp and hopefully the release is an indication that the group has plans to drop another summer worthy album in the heart of 2013′s winter.


Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 11

Alright.  I know everyone has been saying it for a while now, so I’m just going to go on record here.  Yes, I do agree with the oft stated statement that Terence and I should be considered pilgrims of the New Beaties World.  We’re out here day and night harvesting the best beaties crops we can just so that we can  give future generations some hope at a better life in this strange new land.  We’ve worked hard through the season and now it’s time to celebrate so we’re bringing you a whole cornucopia of beaties to share with your families and friends.  Let’s all give thanks to Krusht for his colorful ambience, PAFMilo for keeping trap good, Waipaw for watching out for us lonely hearts out there, Solice for tweak’n and JD Henneberry for admitting he was wrong.  Also, because it’s holiday season and we’re feeling especially sentimental, we’ve thrown in a 6th track featuring the late great Austin Peralta.  Join the feast after the jump.

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The Up-Turn Presents: Mr. Herbert Quain – There’s no way not to go back Mix

On his soundcloud page, Portugese producer Mr. Herbert Quain is described as born from “…a state where we will remember the future and we will ignore, or hardly have a presentiment of, the past.”  To be completely honest, I have no idea what that means.  However, listening to Quain’s There’s no way not to go back Mix, that description seems to somehow make sense.  Pulling on material from as early as 1959 to some that aren’t even released yet, Mr. Herbert Quain has created a mix of songs and genres that manage to sound both nostalgic and forward looking, most of the time simultaneously (an impressive feat that also pervaded his recent EP).  Mr. Herbert Quain is still a young producer discovering his sound and this mix serves as a road map for all his influences.  Stream the entire mix below and check out a mini-interview and tracklist after the jump.

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