mp3: Oab Jenkins – Danny Devito (prod. Eu-IV)

Unheralded modern philosopher and scholar Danny Devito isn’t your typical topic for a hip-hop track but thankfully Oab Jenkins and Eu-IV have teamed up to give the voice of our generation some proper appreciation.  ‘Danny Devito’ has Oab Jenkins romanticizing with girls and pulling out some well-spoken life advice over an jittering upbeat instrumental from Eu-IV.  Throughout the track snippets from some of Devito’s more famous speeches and musings pop up which gives Oab Jenkins a platform to jump off from with his verses.  Oab Jenkins isn’t trying to change the rap game with ‘Danny Devito’ but he manages to demonstrate that he’s not a rapper to sleep on either.


pkelly94mp3: Oab Jenkins – Danny Devito (prod. Eu-IV)