mp3: Christopher Owens – Lysandre’s Theme / Here We Go

Girls’ frontman Christopher Owens may have left the group (basically guaranteeing that we won’t be getting more Girls’ albums), however, that doesn’t mean that we won’t be hearing anymore of Owen’s perfectly sad and sappy music.  No one is better than Owens at making depressing and cliche sound so beautiful and ‘Lysandre’s Theme’ and ‘Here We Go’ demonstrate that Owens doesn’t plan on letting that change for his upcoming solo debut.  Throughout the two tracks Owens sings about breaking hearts over a shuffling instrumental line-up of flutes, melodicas and both acoustic and fuzz-tone guitars.  It may still be unclear why Owens decided to leave the group but as long as he keeps making music like this there isn’t much to whine about.


pkelly94mp3: Christopher Owens – Lysandre’s Theme / Here We Go