mp3: ILLFIGHTYOU – Gertrude

Its been about a month since recently-formed Tacoma rap trio ILLFIGHTYOU dropped their first track “92”, and now they are back with their second track.  For “Gertrude” Kream Team puts down a mischievous-sounding beat and Khris P, EvergreenOne, Ugly Frank each proceed to wreck it.  Khris P’s hook sets the mood of good, old-fashioned camaraderie-driven ignorance, and EvergreenOne and especially Ugly Frank lay down masterfully laid-back verses that are lyrical and ignorant at the same time.  The only one of the trio who’s music I was really familiar with before forming ILLFIGHTYOU was Khris P, but it seems like teaming up was a good idea because they seem to be a winning combination so far.  Stream and download below…


tccarr14mp3: ILLFIGHTYOU – Gertrude