mp3: ThisisDA – Algorerhythm (BBC Radio Rip)

All gimmicks and trends aside, the best way for a rapper to get noticed is still the tried and true method of killing a beat.  Killing a beat is exactly what ThisisDA did over a memorable and jazzy instrumental on his track ‘Algorerhythm’.  ThisisDA is an 18 year old rapper from Bristol who has put out a solid collection of tracks (link to all his music on his soundcloud) with a charismatic and energetic style that is usually paired with equally fun and energetic beats.  Each of his tracks is bursting with personality and hint at developing potential and it’s hard not to agree when BBC radio host remarks that ThisisDA is someone to watch out for.  With a few more original beats to work with, there is no reason why ThisisDA couldn’t rise up to become one of the biggest fresh rappers of next year.


pkelly94mp3: ThisisDA – Algorerhythm (BBC Radio Rip)