mp3: Honeyslide – Sugar Routine

If you listened to British band Honeyslide’s debut self-titled EP, you might be under the impression that they only make heavy and dark songs, but now they are changing that up. With “Sugar Routine”, Honeyslide move towards a much brighter and fast-paced style.  Whereas the songs on Honeyslide EP were slow-burning, melodramatic and usually lasted around four and a half minutes, “Sugar Routine” clocks in at just under 2 minutes, and sounds like something you might actually listen to with other people instead of alone in your room.  Although Honeyslide have changed the mood up, they still maintain their grungy and heavy charm that caught our attention in the first place.  Listen to “Sugar Routine” below…


tccarr14mp3: Honeyslide – Sugar Routine