Mixtape: Sleepy Beach – Vicissitunes Vol. 1

Sleepy Beach, a recently formed California-based music collective, have a lot of talent between all the producers and beatmakers they’re made up of so instead of asking us bloggers to make posts about all of them and their great music they’ve decided to put out this handy collection.  Vicissitunes Vol. 1 is a 20 track collection of beats from some Up-Turn veterans, Aeropsia and Shelf Nunny, that also serves as an introduction to some material from the other guys in the Sleepy Beach crew.  One of the more notable producers is the anime-obsessed juke-producer Hearttricks who’s high energy footwork laces complex synth and midi melodies over shuffling percussion.  The amount of talent packed into this release is incredibly impressive and I can only imagine that Sleepy Beach has a bright future ahead as each producer continues to develop, mature and distinguish their sounds.  If you don’t like at least one track on this tape you’re probably a mean person: real talk.  Stream two of my favorite tracks below and get the whole tape for cheap after the jump.


pkelly94Mixtape: Sleepy Beach – Vicissitunes Vol. 1