mp3: Katmai – Impossible Colors

Our favorite mysterious producer, Katmai, continues to amaze with his/her latest track ‘Impossible Colors’.  ‘Impossible Colors’ is an overload of gorgeous sounds and sonic delights that continue the producer’s genre-confounding streak of impossible to define music.  While I won’t be trying to assign a catchy, hyphenated tag to his/her music, ‘Impossible Colors’ still manages to come across as instantly recognizable and welcoming.  Although it’s clear that Katmai doesn’t want to put out too much information about the project, ‘Impossible Colors’ hits with the kind of familiar warmth that could not be the product of a pretentious producer hoping to alienate listeners with his/her “next-level, transcendent and game-changing” art.  However, with a nice pair of headphones on, “next-level, transcendent and game-changing” is exactly what ‘Impossible Colors’ is.


pkelly94mp3: Katmai – Impossible Colors