mp3: Angel Haze – New York (King Krule Rework)

Angel Haze burst onto the blogosphere earlier this year with one of the most hyped and buzzed rap singles of 2012 with ‘New York’.  While we never hopped on the Angel Haze bandwagon, it’s pretty hard to ignore the immense amount of raw and gimmick-less talent coming from the female rapper.  While a lot of the praise for the single revolved around the stripped down beat that forced Angel Haze to rely solely on her lyrics to keep the track interesting, King Krule’s rework takes the hand claps and layers them through gorgeous synth chord changes, a boom bap beat and plenty of extra atmospheric brilliance.  The result may be less unfiltered than the original but the extra melody and dynamics only adds to the vibe of the track and manages to stay true to the original’s intentions.


pkelly94mp3: Angel Haze – New York (King Krule Rework)