mp3: Capeface – Floose

It’s not easy to stand out among the mass of producers these days, especially if you’re making dreamhop (the soundcloud based genre that never really became a genre).  UK producer Capeface earned our praise the tried and true way of simply making great music and his newest release, Burning Books, is a showcase of why he is one of the best dreamhop producers out there.  ‘Floose’ is a gorgeous and swelling piece of sample-based music that manages to pack all the great qualities about Capeface into a compact 4:36 listen.  The non-genre has been on the decline lately after the surplus earlier this year and some of the non-genres standbys like Beat Culture and Giraffage have started making their attempts to move past the sound, however, with producers like Capeface breathing new life into the sound it may just get a second wind.


pkelly94mp3: Capeface – Floose