mp3: Haunter – Translucent

A while back I was won over by a nice little EP from an artist called Blown a Wish who managed to make me interested again in stripped, folk-pop with a lot of the same charm that makes Fleet Foxes so great.  Blown a Wish mastermind, John Schoneman, just sent over a new LP from his band Haunter and the magic is still there.  Haunter doesn’t have the same lonely vibe of Blown a Wish and instead works with a richer variety of instrumentation and bigger production.  In the age of electronic music and studio effects, it’s easy for bands who choose to go simple and acoustic to toot their own horns about the “authenticity” and “rootsiness” of their music.  Haunter never comes across this way.  Instead Haunter and their self-titled release sound like four guys trying to make music the best way they know how, which is exactly what you get.


pkelly94mp3: Haunter – Translucent