Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Katmai

There is something to be said about musicians who put forward only their music without much else in a scene dominated by image, twitter feeds and facebook fan pages.  Katmai has been making and releasing music this way for over a year now without giving us anything more than gorgeously star-soaked tracks.  Without any genre-tags, song descriptions or basically any info at all, Katmai is putting the emphasis on the music alone, which is a good thing considering how strong some of these astral noise-pop tunes are.  Whether or not it’s intentional, Katmai makes music that is pretty darn hard to blog.  It’s impossible to try and sum up their/his/her sound in a catchy hyphenated phrase and each track highlights different aspects of that huge sound.  Katmai’s most two recent tracks, ‘Apparitions’ and ‘Rêve D’argent’ are female and boy led pieces respectively with the first being maximalist and electronically-blasting while the later is an equally complex but more restrained and introspective soundscape.  With this quality of music I’m fine with never learning who Katmai is as long as the new material doesn’t stop coming.


pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Katmai