mp3: Rewrote – o Rain

Promising a “new sad club song for sad ravers in dark environments”, M|O|D member Rewrote continues to experiment beyond future-trap with his newest track ‘o Rain’.  Rewrote set lofty expectations for ‘o Rain’ and I wasn’t sure if the poetic description would match the content but the track absolutely delivers with an atmospheric, gorgeous and huge sound.  On ‘o Rain’, Rewrote works with the same walking down a city street at 4 A.M. vibe done so well by producers like Burial and DJ Shadow without directly taking from either of their playbooks.  The clean and beautifully produced drum tracks shift around, never settling into a solid grove behind the muted synth arpeggios and ghostly sampled vocals.  Rewrote has changed locations from Boston M|O|D headquarters and, whether or not the change of scenery has anything to do with it, I’m really liking how he’s been refining and defining his sound.


pkelly94mp3: Rewrote – o Rain