mp3: Menace Beach – Dream Out

It’s easy to write off Menace Beach for being one more scuzzy, surf-punk bands that have been consistently invading our blogosphere for the past few years after taking one look at their art work and making a sarcastic chuckle at their name.  Of course I wouldn’t be making this blog post if that was all there is too Menace Beach and as it turns out there is a lot more to the UK band than first impressions would let on.  For better or for worse, a lot of surf-punk neglects putting time into writing a memorable verse as long as the hook is catchy enough.  With ‘Dream Out’, Menace Beach ditch that idea and experiment with psych-rock sounds and as a result their verses and instrumentation are incredibly melodic and instantly catchy.  Through their entire Dream Out EP, Menace Beach make the kind of music that I would expect from John Lennon if he had grown up as a skater in Southern California during the 90s.  They have an ear for grand, psychedelic compositions but have enough pop sensibilities to keep their jams under 3 minutes.  Stream ‘Dream Out’ below and check out their entire EP over at their soundcloud


pkelly94mp3: Menace Beach – Dream Out