mp3: Villagers – The Waves (MMOTHS Remix)

MMOTHS is not only an incredibly talented producer but also one of the smartest young artists putting out music right now.  Despite having built up quite amount of well earned hype for his music and having much of the blogosphere ready to praise whatever new material he puts out, MMOTHS is taking his sweet time building up and putting out his music.  Instead of releasing a steady stream of new material, MMOTHS spends the months between new originals reminding us of his incredible talent with consistently gorgeous remixes.  MMOTHS’ newest remix is a restrained take on Villagers’ jittery track ‘The Waves’.  Breaking the original down and reconstructing it in an almost unrecognizable way, MMOTHS takes the entire 5 and a half minutes of his remix to slowly reveal the song in all its reverb-filled glory.  His remix also serves as a reassurance that all the waiting MMOTHS is making us go through will be worth whatever he has cooking up.


pkelly94mp3: Villagers – The Waves (MMOTHS Remix)