mp3: Jaw Jam – Don’t Walk Away

Over the past year I’ve been getting a little bit into house music through artists like Pantha Du Prince and artists influenced by the genre like C.Z. and Arnold, but after seeing Mister Lies absolutely kill it with a set beginning with full-on house music last friday at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn, I am intrigued.  To my pleasant surprise, when I checked my incoming tracks on Soundcloud this afternoon, I had a new track from New Jersey producer JAW JAM waiting for me.  This house remix of Jade’s 1992 track “Don’t Walk Away” had me hooked right away.  JAW JAM’s drums are incredibly clean and his synths are bouncy and unique.  Although house became marginalized as a fairly underground genre in the 2000’s, I’m pretty certain that it is poised to make a big comeback in the coming year, and I’m excited about it.


tccarr14mp3: Jaw Jam – Don’t Walk Away