mp3: Kjartan Bue – Old Woman

It’s easy to say that the golden days of folk are long passed and excuse yourself from trying to find great artists (which are admitedly few and far between) keeping the tradition going strong.  Hailing from Denmark, Kjartan Bue writes chillingly beautiful folk music with incredible story telling and guitar playing.  ‘Old Woman’ finds our drunken narrator having a conversation with an old tiring woman that results in some of the best lyrical moments I’ve heard in a while.  Bue’s cold sense of loneliness and ghostly falsettos will probably draw comparisons to early Bon Iver while his mix of guitar finger picking and strumming definitely has me thinking of fellow Scandinavian The Tallest Man on Earth.  ‘Old Woman’ arrived at the perfect time as the days are starting to get colder it will soon be time for us all to start our acoustic autumn binge.


pkelly94mp3: Kjartan Bue – Old Woman