mp3: Dreams West – Less-Than Slash Three (ft. Tokyo Hands)

Judging by their first collaboration together, Dreams West and Tokyo Hands are two musical wizards who probably traveled here from the year 1988 to remind us all how to dance and party.  Using ‘</3’ our their guide, Dreams West and Tokyo Hands have crafted up a jam packed with enough sampled “woo”s and “yeah”s to inspire you to buy some bright colored, vintage clothes at your nearest thrift shop and go to a jazzercise class.  Despite all the goofiness and cheese stuffed into ‘</3’ the song is actually a really strong showcase for the two producers.  The synth work, especially towards the end of the track, gets downright gorgeous towards the end, but let’s be honest you probably won’t care by that point because you’ll be sweating your thoughts away on the dance floor.

p.s. The reason that I’m calling this “Less-Than Slash Three” in the post-title is because, for whatever reason, WordPress doesn’t like those symbols in the post-title and makes the layout go all funky… just not funky in the cool way.


pkelly94mp3: Dreams West – Less-Than Slash Three (ft. Tokyo Hands)