mp3: FaltyDL – Straight And Arrow (Gold Panda Remix)

As we are all waiting in anticipation for Gold Panda’s new album (keep checking this website), other then one incredible song he played on BBC radio, we don’t have much to see where he’s planning on taking his sound in his upcoming work other than his remixes.  Although most of the other remixes that he has released over the past few months have kind of slipped through the cracks for me, I wasn’t going to let that happen with this one.  In this remix of house maestro FaltyDL’s track “Straight And Arrow”, Gold Panda shows exactly why everyone still needs to pay close attention to him.  Starting with an odd and fairly awkward sample, Gold Panda rips apart the original track, and builds a brand new one up out of the pieces in his own style.  I don’t know when Gold Panda is planning on releasing his next album, but this track is making me hope that it is sooner than later.


tccarr14mp3: FaltyDL – Straight And Arrow (Gold Panda Remix)