Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: Madegg

There are a lot of producers around the internet experimenting with the art of beat making and pushing its boundaries, but I can safely say none of them are doing it like Madegg is.  Madegg is a young producer from Japan who has one of the most unique beatmaking styles I have ever heard.  Madegg’s tracks rarely contain clear melodies in the traditional sense of the word and never rely on any type of normal drum kit to establish rhythms.  Instead Madegg prefers to create sounds in a completely different manner, assembling pieces of dissonance into bubbling or echoing atmospheres and arranging odd arhythmic samples into patterns to drive the track.  Although these songs probably take a pretty large amount of technical skill and intuition to put together on a computer, some how they come out feeling incredibly natural and acoustic.  I’m not sure if Madegg’s style will ever catch on, but it is extremely interesting to listen to and without a doubt a breath of light fresh air in a world over-powered by bass and quantized drums.


tccarr14Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: Madegg