mp3: The Beardy Durfs – Dead Poncho

One of my favorite albums from last year came from European noise-rockers The Uptights so I set some pretty high expectations when I saw this submission from Danish lo-fi ruffians The Beardy Durfs.  Meant to be played at an incredibly high volume, ‘Dead Poncho’ absolutely delivers on their noisy promise of an irresistibly sweet blend of raw energy and a cacophony of fuzz and static.  Instead of focusing on tight and precise guitar work, The Beardy Durfs simply strum as fast as they can through sometimes broken guitars to create the huge wall of sound that builds up throughout the entirety of ‘Dead Poncho’.  The lyrics are hardly discernible and at points sound like someone trying to yell over an orchestra of helicopters, which is exactly how it should be.


pkelly94mp3: The Beardy Durfs – Dead Poncho