Video: Pivot – One More Time

When I first read about Chicago hip-hop crew Pivot I didn’t expect to hear much more than a Pro-Era inspired group making old school-styled hip-hop.  Instead, it turns out that the only thing Pivot and Pro-Era have in common is that they are two young groups with infectious group energy and talent that runs deep.  After the hi-hat accented, energetic beat drops it’s not hard to figure out that Pivot hail from the same city that produced Chief Keef, Lil Reese and Kanye West.  The five featured MC’s each take their stab at the beat offering different delivery styles and ideas to the track.  The easy highlights come from Saba and guest Benjamin Earl Turner who each show off distinct personalities brimming with charisma.  Shout out to Beat Culture for turning us on to Pivot.


pkelly94Video: Pivot – One More Time