mp3: Beyoncé – Irreplaceable (Snacs Remix)

A couple of weeks ago Snacs’ Whenever.EP popped up in my inbox, and since then it has been in heavy rotation.  One of my favorite songs off of the EP was Snacs’ incredible remix of Alicia Keys’ “No One”.  The dark and stripped down remix had me hooked from the first time I listened to it, and now Snacs has given the same treatment to Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable”.  Once again, Snacs opts to scrap the entire energetic background of the song in favor of some airy synths and a beautifully subtle percussion track that settles into the atmosphere of the track perfectly.  If you are looking for your next favorite relaxing song  with a hint of darkness, look no further.


tccarr14mp3: Beyoncé – Irreplaceable (Snacs Remix)