The Up-Turn Presents: A Conversation with Dream Koala

With the release of his Blur EP earlier this month, Dream Koala cemented his transition from a typical soundcloud producer to one of the most interesting young talents making music right now.  The Parisian musician first caught our attention with his incredible remix of Waka Flocka’s Brick Squad anthem ‘Hard in Da Paint’ and over the course of 3 months began to develop and perfect his own style of rhythmic, electronic-infused guitar music that isn’t like much out there.  It’s obvious that even after a stream of awesome singles and a solid EP Dream Koala has only started to tap into his creative genius.  At the rate he’s improving, he has a lot more amazing music to make.  I got the chance to talk with Yndi, the man behind the koala, and turns out that Dream Koala is just as cool as his music is.

PK: how did you first get into recording music?

Yndi: well, I’ve played in my band I The Omniscient for 2 or 3 years. This is how I started making music “seriously”, I mean, writing music and everything. I started Dream Koala last summer, because I wanted to do something more personal. In my band, when we write stuff, we are 5 people. When I record Dream Koala, I’m alone in my room. It’s not better, but different.

PK: oh wow this is a lot different from Dream Koala

Yndi: Oh yep ahaha, sorry I didn’t tell you, I listen a lot to mathcore/prog metal with my friends and all

PK: wow that’s awesome, has that influenced your music with Dream Koala at all?

Yndi: I don’t know. I mean metal introduced me to post-rock and I’m very influenced by post-rock bands in my stuff for Dream Koala. I’m sure it influenced me, but not in a conscious way

PK: what did you grow up listening to?

Yndi: My parents are Brazilian, when I was child they listened to Brazilian music at home I don’t listen a lot to it now, but I think it kind of influenced me too haha. At school I listened to metal bands like Korn, Deftones and Japanese bands too like Dir En Grey. Mangas introduced me to the Japanese rock scene. It’s pretty crazy I don’t even listen to it now.  Growing up, I opened my mind to other stuff like jazz, hip hop and now electronic music I don’t know a lot about electronic music ahah I don’t even think I’m doing it.

PK: yeah the guitar is definitely something that sets your music apart from a typical “electronic” producer, how long have you been playing?

Yndi: Yep! People think I sample ahah, I play every instrument on my tracks. I’m not against sampling though. I’ve played guitar for 5 years… I think

PK: did you want to start playing after getting into metal/prog-rock?

Yndi: I was watching these bands videos and was like… damn I want to do that too

PK: what are some albums or bands that you’ve been listening to more recently?

Yndi: Well… recently I’m really waiting for Shelter Point’s EP on Hotflush it will be out in October.

PK: any favorites of 2012 so far?

Yndi: this year… well, fuck I don’t know ahhah wait… I really love Lapalux ‘When You’re Gone”. But I can’t tell my favorite album of 2012.

PK: how’s the reaction been so far for Blur?

Yndi: I only had good feedback, man.  I know there are not a million people who listened to it, but the ones who listened really feel it and that is what I wanted. It’s an intimate album

PK: definitely, is the sound you established on that EP something you want to keep pursuing or something that was special for Blur?

Yndi: oh, I don’t know. I really want to feel free to do what i want in my tracks all the tracks on Blur were recorded in a short time so the tracks are in the same vibe and I was in the same mood for every track you know. I like to listen to an EP and have a special feel from the begining to the end.  I’m working on another EP with another feel too but I know that if I record a full length one day, it will be different… like more in a progression

PK: yeah that’s really cool, I’m already excited to hear the next EP.  Your remixes all have really cool approaches to remixing, do you just like to remix for fun?

Yndi: I do some remixes for fun yep, like Waka Flocka and XXYYXX but the last one is Saint Michel who asked me to do that. I take the same pleasure as the other remixes. It’s cool to know people like your stuff and want you to give your vision of their work

PK: what should we expect for the future Dream Koala? Is it going to be your main musical focus from now on?

Yndi: I don’t know. Things are starting to be serious. I’m working with a manager and all, we’re really working hard on this project to be big I really want to make interesting art with Dream Koala but I want to keep writing in I The Omniscient which is important too

PK: if you could live on any planet besides Earth what planet would you live on?

Yndi: wow! That’s a cool question ahah. A planet without money, a lot of food, where people would respect art and not watch MTV… and with some aliens girls with 4 boobs

PK: sounds perfect, if you could collaborate with any artist/musician dead or alive who would it be?

Yndi: wow. I’d love to work with Hayao Miyazaki, it’s a really crazy dream but we don’t know what the future is made of right? I also would love to meet Flying Lotus one day and resurrect Jeff Buckley

PK: I’d support all of those collaborations, if you could either be a Power Ranger or a Ninja Turtle what would you be and which one?

Yndi: ahhahaah a Ninja Turtle, it looks more fun and you can eat pizza and be famous

PK: that’s definitely the right answer.  Which one though?

Yndi: shit… I don’t know much about them

PK: Purple headband is geeky, orange headband is really goofy, blue headband is the leader and red headband is kind of the badass

Yndi: I’m definitely the goofy one, all my friends would tell you that.  I regret I don’t know more about Ninja Turtles… a friend of mine showed me a movie once which was funny as fuuuck

PK: yeah it’s the raddest, I’d recommend checking some more of the classic 90s version.  If you had a unicorn what would you name it?

Yndi: A Unicorn? I’ll name it Classy Bitch

PK: again with the dynamite answers. Anything else the internet should know about Dream Koala?  Also wanna give any shout outs to other cool things more people should know about

Yndi: I definitely want to do a shout out to PERTURBATOR He’s the guitarist of my band, one my best friends. He makes 80’s music, some retro-futuristic blade runner badass shit. Thanks man, this was the best interview I’ve had

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