mp3: Dvnny Seth – Prespliffs (ft. Pradda) (prod. Treekeeper)

First impressions are everything and UK rapper Dvnny Seth is pulling off one hell of a first impression with ‘Prespliffs’.  After giving us all the summer bangers we could have ever asked for, Treekeeper is back to provide Dvnny the perfectly energetic instrumental to layout his crazed, cartoonish persona that comes across like everyone’s favorite adderall injected Danny Brown.  Sure, by dedicating most of his rhymes to the green stuff, Dvnny isn’t breaking any new ground lyrically but the way he delivers his verses with an incredibly thick, confidence-laced accent with a clear grime influence is something that isn’t easy to pull off.  M|O|D associated rapper Pradda steals the track though with the best verse I’ve heard from him yet.  The coolest thing about this track is that it clearly wouldn’t have been possible without the internet as it connected two rappers and a producer across two countries.  That’s pretty darn cool.


pkelly94mp3: Dvnny Seth – Prespliffs (ft. Pradda) (prod. Treekeeper)