mp3: Chris Villa – RIOT (Prod. Hanz)

If you listened to Hanz’s excellent beat tape WEALTH MADE TENSION VOL. 2, you might recognize this song from it (it was one of the highlights of the tape for me), and now it has been officially released.  Once again, Chris Villa and Hanz’s styles merge near-perfectly.  Villa puts down another deviously simple hook and a couple of his increasingly vicious verses while Hanz provides a backdrop that packs in all of the chaos of a real riot with drums that sound like exploding tear gas grenades and unconventionally twisted samples. Although the duo have remained relatively unrecognized for how great the music they have been making is, I don’t think there’s any question that they are pushing the rap genre in a completely new and different direction than any other artists are right now, and doing it extremely well.


tccarr14mp3: Chris Villa – RIOT (Prod. Hanz)