mp3: Saint Michel – Katherine (Dream Koala Remix)

If you haven’t noticed yet, French producer Dream Koala has been absolutely killing it lately.  We first noticed Dream Koala when he sent us his awesomely unique remix of Waka Flocka Flame’s anthem “Hard in Da Paint” and since then he has given us some truly amazing original tracks and an EP.  Now the Parisian is returning to the art of remixing to rework French band Saint Michel’s track “Katherine”.  Although the original track is already dramatic, Dream Koala pours even more emotion into it with Shlohmo-esque efficiency.  Unlike on his recent Blur EP, on this remix his guitar crooning takes a back-seat to his synth work for the most part, and although its a bit of a move away from the style that has gotten him a lot of recognition recently, he has not sacrificed any quality of his work at all.


tccarr14mp3: Saint Michel – Katherine (Dream Koala Remix)