M|O|D – M|O|D IV

The M|O|D boys are back with the 4th installment in their booty clapping, neck breaking series of LP/EP/Tape things.  On M|O|D IV they all continue to evolve each of their styles, and work towards a more common goal than on M|O|D or M|O|D II.  Each of the five artists are continuing to clean up their sounds even more and the production value of the project sounds better than ever.  On M|O|D IV they all sound completely comfortable and confident within their style and sound like they are completely aware that they are consistently making the best music in their vein of high energy electronic music.  Their drums are hitting harder than ever, and their experimentation with the idea of fusing rap influences and electronic music has not slowed down at all.  Yung Satan is taking on a new heavily reverbed and spacious style, while Arnold is using retro-sounding synths in amazing ways they were never meant to be used.  Stream two of my favorite songs from the project below and hit the jump to stream it in its entirety and purchase from their bandcamp page.



tccarr14M|O|D – M|O|D IV