mp3: Naomi Punk – Burned Body

With acts like DIIV and Wild Nothing, Captured Tracks has been on fire recently with some of the best releases in indie-rock this year.  Now they’ve signed on our favorite Washington grunge act, Naomi Punk, to reissue their The Feeling LP.  ‘Burned Body’ is their first single out with Captured Tracks and serves as a loud, forceful reminder of why Naomi Punk are a band that shouldn’t be ignored.  The strength for ‘Burned Body’ comes from how the verses creep along at an uncomfortably tight and restrained pace that finally explodes at the chorus.  The tension built so much that I honestly checked my computer to make sure it wasn’t messing up the stream the first few times which only makes the release of the chorus that much sweeter.  It’s an expect move that shows Naomi Punk have some serious songwriting chops to back their gigantic surf-guitar chords and crunchy drum beats.


pkelly94mp3: Naomi Punk – Burned Body