Video: Loveni – Pompes Funèbres (prod. Myth Syzer)

Before I get into this post I’d like to start with the disclaimer that I have no idea what Loveni is rapping about throughout this video and I apologize if it turns out that his lyrics are actually racist or sexist or something else offensive.  The truth is I know nothing about French rapper Loveni or beat maker Myth Syzer (I was link to their video through Dream Koala) but their collaboration on ‘Pompes Funèbres’ demonstrates that they are working with a unique and experimental style that is easily diggable despite the language barrier.  At times Myth Syzer’s beat sounds like it could be sound tracking a horror film and regardless of what he’s talking about Loveni’s flow and inflection suggest that he’s just as unstable as the beat is.


pkelly94Video: Loveni – Pompes Funèbres (prod. Myth Syzer)