mp3: RaidenMajor – Holographic (ft. Oddyssey) (prod. Hydrabadd)

No matter how much you tried to deny it during your middle school years, anyone who was  born in the 90s spent (or still spends) a good amount of their childhood trying to catch ’em all.  Besides providing all of us with the best virtual friends anyone could ask for, Pokemon the TV show had some amazing music including everyone’s favorite 151 pokemon referencing ‘Poke Rap’.  While that track has remained king of the pocket monster rap game, RaidenMajor, Oddyssey and Hydrabadd are posing a serious threat to the throne with ‘Holographic’.  Over the delightfully bass heavy ‘Hologram Wrist’ beat (which we featured on Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 5), Oddyssey and RaidenMajor play tag-team trying to make as many poke references and name as many of the original 151 as possible without ever allowing the track to turn into a gimmick or a joke.  It’s really awesome seeing such a fresh-faced producer like Hydrabadd getting recognized by established talent with a result as awesome as ‘Holographic’.

Download: Holographic


pkelly94mp3: RaidenMajor – Holographic (ft. Oddyssey) (prod. Hydrabadd)